• Ps Adam Price

Weed It and Reap

A few years back I was showing off my vegetable garden to Barry Rieck. As we walked through I would point to what I was growing and tell him what it was. During the tour Barry pointed to a plant and said, “What’s that plant?” To which I responded, “I have no idea, it’s probably a weed.” Barry suggested that I pull it out and get rid of it. I stated, “It’s only small, nothing to worry about!” Barry retorted, “It’s small now, but when it gets bigger, it’s going to be a problem.”

I wish I could tell you that I reached down and pulled it out straight away, but instead I shrugged my shoulders in disbelief and continued with my tour. True to what Barry said, that weed did grow up and became a bigger problem, as its roots had entangled with plants I was trying to grow. This weed was now competing with my plants for water, nutrients and sunlight.

I have learnt my lesson, in the garden at least. Have you ever thought I should go and do a particular job and then thought to yourself, “I’ll just rest a bit first while I sit and watch an episode of my show on Netflix,” only to realise that your up much later than you planned and you still haven’t completed that job! Song of Solomon’s 2:15 says, “It's the little foxes that ruin the vineyards.” It’s the little things that distract me from the tasks at hand.

I should take a leaf out of God’s book, in fact the first page. Genesis 1 is all about creation, but it also gives me an insight into God’s work ethic. God shows us that He worked for six days and then rested on seventh. I need to do those jobs that are required to be done first, and then rest, not the other way around. That way they won’t become a problem later on, just as my weed did!


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