The Christian Atheist

A Christian Atheist is someone who believes in God, but lives as if He doesn’t exist. In Australia today, roughly 60% of our population claim to believe in God. The difference between “knowing God” and KNOWING God is like a car and a kaleidoscope…they are two totally different things. Knowing about God, only shows that you have a limited understanding purely based on reputation, which is what you have heard other people say about God, and possibly a past experience long ago that you have almost forgotten about. There is a huge difference in believing and knowing. In the book of James, the writer shows how even demons believe in Jesus. There is more to the Christian life then just believing.

Knowing God intimately, right here, right now is the only way for us to live. David in Psalm 63 begins to describe who God is and his opening statement is “O God, you are my God”. He is David’s God, not somebody else’s God, and not a God he heard about, but his God. He says “I seek you earnestly, my soul thirsts and my body longs”. David is seeking to find who God is for himself, and he is not satisfied until he finds Him. An easy way to assess where your relationship with God is, is by listening to the names and words you use to address and relate to God. For instance, my name is Tim Spark, people who put an “e” at the end of my name don’t know me; they don’t even know how to spell my name. Other people put an “s” at the end of my name when they say Spark, these people can’t even say my name right. Some call me Pastor Tim which refers to a title, they know what I do or have heard someone refer to me but they themselves still don’t really know me. Then there are those who call me Tim, these are my friends. We are on first name basis, and we are close and have some good memories. Then there are those who call me Timmy. These people have history with me, we have stories and these experiences usually date back years. Then lastly, there are two special people who have a totally different word to address who I am. These people have exclusive rights to me, they are allowed to climb all over me, touch my face, dribble on me, be with me as much as they want and ask the most inappropriate questions. They call me daddy. They will know me better than even those who call me Timmy.

You can tell where your relationship with God is by the way you refer to Him. If you still call Him the “big man in the sky”, or “the man upstairs”, or “dear 8 pound 6 ounces baby Jesus”, then you probably need to do a soul search. But if you refer to God with names such as “comforter”, or “healer”, “provider”, or maybe “friend”, then that is showing the depth of your relationship with Him.

Let me encourage you today, assess how you address God. If you think you can get closer relationally with Him, than do it. Find out who God is for yourself, don’t just take the preachers word or a close friends experience, discover who He is for yourself, it will be the best thing you ever do!!


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