Icebergs and Candy Apples

In 1994, Davis Love III called a one-stroke penalty on himself during the second round of the Western Golf Open. He had moved his marker on a green to get it out of another players putting line. Two holes later he couldn’t remember if he had moved his ball back to its original spot. Unsure, Love gave himself an extra shot. As it turned out, that one stroke cause him to miss the cut and get knocked out of the tournament and also prevented him from qualifying for the next year’s Masters Championships.

Scientists say that when you see an Iceberg, you only ever see the top 10% floating. The rest of the 90% is underneath for no one to see. Life is like the iceberg, people only see the first 10% of who you are. Just like the candy apple, there is more to it than the outside toffee crunch. It’s not until you bite into the toffee that you see the rest of the apple. With the iceberg, it’s not until you dive down that you see how large it actually is. The size of the iceberg on top of the water is only determined by how large it is underneath, the amount of toffee used on the apple is determined by how large the apple is.

I’d like to propose to you that the 90% of the unseen iceberg is our character or that the apple behind the toffee represents your character. What’s underneath always holds up what’s on top. If you are looking for a better life, more influence, more opportunity, more friends, a better marriage, happier children, than building your character – who you are when no one’s looking – is vital. In 1995, the week before the Masters began, Davis Love III qualified by winning a tournament in New Orleans. Then in the Masters he finished second winning $237,600. Your character will either make you, or break you. Be sure to enlarge and strengthen your character this year.


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