New to Centro?

We would like to WELCOME you to Centro Church. We hope you feel right at home making new friends, experiencing church and growing in your relationship with God.


It can feel a little intimidating to go to a church if you haven’t been for a while or have never been to a church at all. It can help if you know what to expect if you come to Centro Church.




We have three services at two locations. 9:00AM & 5:30pm at our Ipswich location, 10:00AM at our Collingwood Park location, except during certain holiday times. Children’s Ministry also runs while these services are on. We have an excellent Children’s and Toddler’s Program so you can enjoy the service without having to worry about the kids. Our evening service is a little louder and popular with younger people and adults. We have a lot of families that come to this service so it’s not just for young people. Please check the Service Times page to confirm current services.


How long?

You can expect the service to go for approximately 1hr and 15min.

What do you do in the service?

There will be a worship time where people are encouraged to sing songs that are led by a team of singers and a band. You may see some people raise their hands during this time. It is a symbolic gesture of surrender to God which some people like to do. There will be a spoken message from the Bible which will be relevant to the challenges people face today.


Will you ask me for money?

We take up an offering during the service. This is how we generate income for the many projects we are involved in around the world and in our own community. It is something our regular attenders are used to and it is totally voluntary. Visitors should feel no obligation to participate in this part of the service.


What should I wear?

It’s really up to you. We have people who dress smartly in their “Sunday Best” and we have people who come in their shorts, t-shirt and sandals. Whatever you decide to wear you shouldn’t feel out of place.


Light Refreshments 

You will find Centro Church is very friendly with a relaxed atmosphere about it. We are sure someone will take the time to say hello to you. We have our Nexus Lounges at Ipswich or The Foyer at Collingwood Park which is a great place to meet people after our morning services over some complimentary light refreshments.


Where are you located?

We are at 5 Pring St, Ipswich, 4305. We are directly across the road from St Andrews Private Hospital in Ipswich. Our Collingwood Park service is located at WoodLinks State School, Collingwood Drive, Collingwood Park, 4301.